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Internorm Windows Sound Proofing


Noise can be an extremely unpleasant thing to have to compete with in your home; given the right intensity and duration, noise can have major impacts on the human body by causing sleep deprivation and general disruption to your life. However Internorm windows with their incredible insulated frames and acoustically engineered glass can provide a solution to this problem.

The level of sound proofing a window has is measured in decibel. The higher the decibel number, the more soundproof a window is. dB values measure how much of the original sound energy travels through your window into your home. At an insulation of 10 dB 1/10 of the original sound energy passes through, at 20 dB 1/100, at 30 dB 1/1000 etc. If an Internorm has a dB value of 10 a human perceives this as halving the noise. The level Soundproofing a window can boast is dependent on the frame material, the type of glass, permeability of the window and the construction connection.