Roof Lanterns

When replacing an existing roof or building an extension, a roof lantern is a great way to bring more light into your space. Roof lanterns are a great way to turn a tired, old flat roof into a stunning feature within your home, or equally if you are thinking of extending your home, adding a roof light to your extension can create a wonderful light and warm space for all the family to enjoy.

Our range of aluminium roof lanterns are suitable for both contemporary and traditional spaces. If you are looking to add a roof light to a contemporary extension or new build, opting for a square aluminium profile would be a great choice however, if you are looking to add an orangery to a more traditional space, we would recommend choosing a Victorian profile with finials for that extra touch.

Unlike glass roof products of the past, our roof lanterns offer extremely good thermal efficiency. Available with up to 50mm triple glazing and thermal broken frames, overall U-values of up to 0.7w/m2 can be achieved, making glass roof lanterns a great alternative to a conservatory roof, creating a light filled space that is usable all year round.

If you are looking to create a large open plan kitchen / living space, one of the challenges you will face is getting enough light into the property to fill the space. Roof lanterns are a great solution to this problem as they enable you to bring in vast amounts of light through the ceiling of the property.

We are able to design and supply Celsius performance glass with many of our roof lanterns making them customizable for all sorts of situations including; enhanced heat reflection for those south facing aspects, increased U-values improving thermal performance, UV protection protecting your furniture and fabrics, easy clean self cleaning glass and reduced visible light transmission softening the impact of natural light for increased comfort.