Roof Lanterns

When it's time to replace an old roof or embark on a new extension project, consider the magic of roof lanterns. They infuse your space with abundant natural light, turning dull flat roofs into captivating home features. Whether you're rejuvenating a tired space or expanding your home, a roof light can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your family.

Roof Lanterns

Roof Lantern Range

Our range of aluminum roof lanterns suits both modern and traditional settings. For contemporary extensions or new builds, opt for square aluminum profiles. If you're adding an orangery to a more classical space, choose a Victorian profile with finials for that extra touch of elegance.

Unlike past glass roof products, our roof lanterns offer exceptional thermal efficiency. With options for up to 50mm triple glazing and thermally broken frames, you can achieve U-values as low as 0.7w/m². This makes glass roof lanterns an ideal alternative to conservatory roofs, creating a year-round usable, sunlit space.

In your quest to create a spacious, open-plan kitchen or living area, lighting can be a challenge. Roof lanterns provide an ingenious solution by allowing copious amounts of light to pour through the ceiling of your property.

We offer the flexibility of Celsius performance glass with many of our roof lanterns. You can customize them to meet specific needs, such as enhanced heat reflection for south-facing aspects, improved U-values for thermal performance, UV protection for your furniture and fabrics, self-cleaning glass for easy maintenance, and reduced visible light transmission for added comfort.