UPVC Roof lantern in white on white with double glazing.

Skylight UPVC Roof Lanterns 

Skylight roof lights are our entry level skylight available in UPVC only, making them an affordable option that will tie in well with existing UPVC windows and doors within your home. Although aluminium is generally the preferred choice when it comes to Roof lanterns some home owners find the industrial design of aluminium too harsh and prefer the softer finish of a UPVC profile.

The Skylight can be supplied up to 2.75m x 8.75m in size and with the ability to support such large openings, you are able to create a really impressive feature on your flat roof, maximising the amount of light that can enter your space and your view of the sky above.

Available in a range of sizes, styles, glazing options and colours, these roof lights can be configured in a range of options ensuring you can find a Skylight that will sit well within your home. Skylight can achieve a U-value of up to 1.0 minimising heat loss and saving you money on your heating bills throughout the year.


UPVC Roof Lantern Gallery

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Technical Details


  • Two bar up to 1.5m X 7.45m.

  • Three bar up to 2.75m X 8.75m.

  • Self cleaning glass as standard.

  • Double glazed with a U-value of 1.0.

  • Standard colours include white, oak, rosewood and grey.

  • Glass colours include clear, blue, neutral, bronze and aqua.