Glass Corners

Are you thinking of renovating or extending your home and looking to add the wow factor? Our structural glass corners are one of the latest in Vogue home modifications and are a great way to make your home really stand out from the crowd.

Although they certainly are very visually impressive they also offer a great practical solution to both connecting your internal and external space as well as allowing you to enjoy the views of your outdoor space year round.

Product Details

Glass corners, boxes and complete glass rooms are becoming increasingly popular amongst architects, homeowners and property developers due to their appearance on popular mainstream tv shows such as Grand Designs. With new glass bonding products now available and glazing installation technology constantly improving it has never been more cost affective than it is today to achieve such elaborate glass installations.

Our glass corners work equally well on historic properties as they do on new builds. They are a fantastic way to add a contemporary twist on a traditional property, equally they are just as well suited to a new building. They are a great way to bring in more light into your home and maximise on external views.

If you already have an unused corner of your property, a glass corner can be a much more cost-effective solution over a traditional brick extension. A small extension like this can really open up your space and make a big difference to the internal floorspace and ultimately have a big impact on how we live our day to day lives.

With the advancement in glazing technology including triple glazing, heat reflective films, warm edge spacers and gas filling energy efficiency is no longer a major concern when installing large glass panels within a building.

Bespoke Made

All of our glass corners are made bespoke to each projects, due to the lack of frame and glass bonding the glass panels must be measured and manufactured to the millimetre to ensure a successful installation. Special glass panels must be used to prevent breakdown of the warm edge spacer due to sunlight exposure.

We have developed a specialist edge trim  which can be used to safely and securely attach our glass panels to any substrate discreetly and therefore not detracting from the look and feel of this product. Specialist calculations must be made when designing a glass corner to account for wind and snow loads throughout the seasons ensuring your new product is fit and safe for purpose.