Structural Glass

At John Knight Glass, we take immense pride in our commitment to staying at the leading edge of glazing technology. We offer a comprehensive supply and installation service for the latest in glazing technology. In recent years, we have invested substantially in state-of-the-art equipment and developing our structural glazing solutions for the domestic market.

Our extensive range of structured glass products encompasses frameless windows, bonded glass installations, glass tunnels, Oriel windows, Glass Corners, and more. Utilising modern manufacturing techniques and remarkable improvements in U values, our capabilities extend to crafting virtually any glass-based solution you can envision.

Structural Glass

Product Range

Check out our range of structural glazing, made bespoke for every project the possibilities are endless.

Product Details

Our structural glass range is your gateway to endless possibilities in residential building design. Whether you envision a glass link bridging two buildings from different centuries or creating a cutting-edge Grand Design-inspired home with a whole glass roof, our innovative solutions are tailored to meet all your glazing needs, empowering your creative vision like never before.

Large Structual Glass on a new property

Unlocking Unlimited Potential

The boundaries of what's achievable with glazing in residential construction have vanished. Glass panels now possess the structural integrity to self-support, eliminating the need for traditional frames. Their maximum sizes are continually expanding, and U values are consistently improving. Our sliding door range, for instance, can accommodate heights of up to 8 meters, while our roof lights can rely on structural glass fins, allowing for virtually limitless glass roof lengths.

Over the last decade, glass bonding techniques and materials have made significant strides, instilling confidence in installing Oriel windows, glass corners, glass rooms, tunnels, and more.

Glazing Crane

With the introduction of our structural glass range, we've also introduced a suite of new products to facilitate the installation process for our fittings team. These products enable us to handle larger glass installations in-house, reducing the need for external glazing companies, enhancing efficiency and leading to cost savings for our valued customers.


close up of pivot door

Pivot Doors

Among the recent innovations sweeping the glazing industry, pivot doors stand out. Much like our other structural glass products, pivot doors must be witnessed to be truly appreciated. It's almost magical to witness such a substantial pane of glass move delicately on a fine point.