Structural Glass

Here at John Knight Glass we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of glazing technology and offer supply and installation of the latest innovations in the glazing industry. Over the past few years we have invested heavily into equipment, training and development of the supply and installation of structural glass to the domestic market.

Our structured glass range includes frameless windows, bonded glass, glass tunnels, Oriel windows, Glass Corners and just about anything else. With the modern manufacturing techniques and the improvements in U values we can manufacture just about anything from glass.

Product Details

Whether you are planning a glass link between two separate building from different centuries, or a brand new Grand Designs style home with an entire glass roof, our new structural glass range has been developed to meet any glazing requirement your creativity can imagine. There has never been a better time to step outside the norms and design your own spectacular new space.

Endless Possibilities

There is no longer a limit of what is possible with glazing in residential building.  Glass panels can now be made in such a way that they can be used as a structural element with the ability to self support, meaning that frames are no longer essential.  Glass panels' maximum sizes are increasing all the time and U values are always improving. Our sliding door range can now support up to 8 meters in height and our roof lights can be supported with structural glass fins, which means that you can have an unlimited length of glass roof.

Glass bonding techniques and materials have improved greatly over the past 10 years, giving us confidence when installing Oriel windows, glass corners, glass rooms, tunnels and much more.

Glazing Crane

With the introduction of our structural glass range, we have invested in a range of new products to help our fittings team to install larger glass than was previously possible without utilising the help of an external glazing company which only adds to the cost and time taking to complete a job. Not only does this result in a more efficient service but also adds a cost saving onto our customer.

Pivot Doors

One of the latest innovations to hit the glazing industry is without doubt the pivot door. As with many of off structural glass products they must be seen to be believed, its hard to imagine such a large pane of glass moving so delicately on such a fine point its almost magical.