Pivot Doors

One of the latest innovations to hit the glazing industry is without doubt the pivot door. As with many of off structural glass products they must be seen to be believed, its hard to imagine such a large pane of glass moving so delicately on such a fine point its almost magical.

A great way to add a real feature to your home is one of our pivot doors, with the weight balanced on a pivot point along the horizontal door frame doors can be much larger that standard hinged doors which adds to the overall effect.

Product Details

One of the products we are most excited to bring to market in recent years is our new Pivot door system, hinges have been moved from the vertical side of the door to the top and bottom horizontal areas of the door frame, creating a completely hidden system which is perfect for modern contemporary design.

With the change in position of the hinge the weight is much more evenly balanced which enables us to manufacture and install much larger doors than previously possible. Not only this but the unusual position of the hinge is a great point of interest with friends and guests ensuring to add interest to your project. Larger glass panels are becoming more common place in new build homes and renovations and the pivot door enables us to apply the same treatment to an opening.

Expert installation

With our large team of installers and wide range of structural glass products our team have all of the skills and experience to ensure a smooth installation of your pivot door.

The pivot hinge is a highly engineered piece of hardware which must be installed to a tight tolerance to ensure correct operation of your pivot door. Our staff have all received the necessary training to ensure the success of all our installations.

Due to the weight of many of our pivot doors we will often need to utilise the use of a crane to install you new door. We have our own small robot crane which can be used in low access areas. When access is not possible, we have a great relationship with an external crane supplier making it possible for us to life the panes of glass over your existing home, ensuring a quick and safe installation of your new glass products.

Fittings & Finishes

Available with a wide range of handles, colours and glazing options our pivot doors can be customised to suit your project.  Stainless steel bar handles are a popular choice and can be supplied in a wide range of lengths.

As standard all doors come with highly efficient double glazing featuring a warm-edge spacer bar, argon gas filling and a low-e coating all helping to improve the energy rating. If required triple glazing can also be supplied. Other options include acoustic, privacy and etched glass.

All of our pivot doors are supplied in an aluminium frame making them extremely durable. All doors are finished in a polyester powder coating which can be supplied in any RAL colour of your choice, making it easy to match op with other existing glazing products installed within your home.