Sliding Sash Windows

A sliding sash window also known as a box sash or weighted sash are a must for any Georgian, Regency of Victorian property restoration. A traditional sliding sash window is generally made from timber and consists of two sashes one top and one bottom. The two sashes are housed within a box style timber frame that houses the weights that counterbalance the movement of the window. The are many different styles of sliding sash windows throughout the UK, differences across the many styles include the number of glass panes per sash, the style of the glazing bars, fixed side light and arched sashes.

Sliding Sash Windows

A Sash for Every Project

We are proud to offer a large range of vertical sliding sash windows (many of which are on display in our showroom). Each of our Sliding Sash styles can be provided in a choice of materials to suit your home or development, you can choose between Traditional Timber frames, Aluminium and Timber Composite frames or modern white UPVC . Our UPVC range can be enhanced with a white-ash timber finish or a bespoke wood-grain foiled finish to match the style of the property. Our timber sash windows can be supplied in a range of soft and hardwoods and painted in a range of colours and stains.

With the wide range of styling options throughout all of our sash window ranges, we can design a window to suit any type of property from a new build right through to Edwardian and Victorian properties. Details such as hardware, locks, glazing bars, sash horns, colours and much more can all be customised to suit your property.

Our Sliding Sash Windows can be provided with a choice of movements from a traditional vertical sash window, to a spring balanced window or a Tilt and spring window which are spring balanced with a clever rotation system enabling easy cleaning of the external side of the windows from the inside of the property.


Showroom display

We provide full Technical advice and design service to help you with you decision making and if you are looking for vertical sliding sash windows there is no better place to visit than our showroom where you can see, touch and most importantly try out the windows to ensure you find the sash window that is perfect for you. Take a look through the images below showing some of the sliding sash windows on display in our showroom.