Timber Sash WIndows

Timber is the material of choice when it comes to sliding sash windows. The original sliding sash windows were all made from wood and it is still considered to be the material of choice for the purists and connoisseurs of the traditional sash window. Some conservation areas and listed buildings can only be fitted with timber sash windows.

The range of sash windows from The Knight Collection are available in a wide choice of different materials including; Pine, Meranti and Oak, as well as a range of finishes including; clear, stain and paint, enabling us to supply you with customised timber sash windows that will sit perfectly within your home.

Product Details

Although UPVC sliding sash windows are very similar to timber, timber has a different effect which cannot be achieved with plastic. It is a misconception that wooden sash windows are a maintenance nightmare. Timber offers many benefits over plastic and only requires periodic maintenance checking for signs of wear and tear once a year. Modern paints and wood finishes are much harder wearing than their historic equivalents and also enable the timber to breath therefore timber windows now require even less maintenance than ever before.

We have a range of budget timber sash windows which has been developed to our specification for the UK market. We are able to offer these windows at a price point that has not been previously possible for timber sash windows and they are manufactured with many of the same features as there more expensive competitors such as breathable paint, double glazing and multiple seals.