Crittall Steel Windows

Steel windows have been in existence since the 1930's and are the feature of many period buildings. Steel windows can be found in many different building types particularly in houses built in the Art deco period, 1930's English houses, Country properties, Tudor and Mock Tudor. Steel windows have a significant role to play in the history of British architecture characterised by the extremely slim frame profiles and 'sunshine bays' where both the frame and glass is curved. Windows from this period add a certain character and charm to a building which cannot be re-created with alternative materials such as PVC or timber.

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With advances in technology steel windows can now be manufactured as direct replacement for original steel windows with added benefits of enhanced security and double glazing improveing energy and acoustic efficiency of the windows. Modern steel windows are galvanised and polyester powder coated giving a long term low maintenance window.

If you are restoring an old property that has or once has original steel windows and want to maintain the character of the property or are living in a conservation area where your windows must remain steel we are sure that we will be able to help you find the perfect windows for your home within our range of steel windows. If you are looking to update your windows and you think that your property may have steel windows or are looking to learn more information on steel windows contact us or visit our showroom to speak to one of our window specialists.

Crittall Steel Windows

Over 160 years ago, Crittall Windows became the British pioneers of light steel frame windows and today they continue to provide homeowners with an unrivalled traditional quality window that became synonymous with the Crittall name.

Double and single glazing, low maintenance galvanised frames, available in a large range of colours and suitable for conservation areas.

Homelight Plus

Crittall’s HomelightPlus has been restyled and re-engineered to provide higher energy-saving accreditations, advanced performance and enhanced security with optional multi-point locking systems.

Hot-dip galvanised for increased durability and powder-coated with Duralife to be virtually maintenance-free, these custom window solutions offer the slimmest profiles with minimal sightlines and elegance – a foundation on which Crittall has built a solid reputation.

The HomelightPlus range is an advancement on the original Homelight range that at one point could be found in every newly built home in the UK. Although HomelightPlus has been advanced from a specification perspective, Crittall has retained the original concept of 45 standard configurations that can be found on page 10 of this brochure, these standard designs can be coupled together to create further configurations and glazing bars can be added in any quantity and design to the client's specification.

Key Features

- Easy to replace: Homelight Plus windows replicate the original Homelight standard metal window with modular, multi-light construction and the slimmest profiles to maximise the benefit of natural daylight.

- Long lasting: All windows and doors are hot dipped galvanized against corrosion.

- Low maintenance: Polyester powder coating means that painting steel windows is a thing of the past - you can choose to have virtually maintenance free window.

- Security is taken care of via a multi-point locking system tested to the enhanced security PAS 24 standard.

- Energy Efficiency: All Homelight Plus windows include double weatherstripping and with larger double glazing units coupled with minimal profile sizes are able to achieve excellent window energy rating standards.

- Fixed, top or side hung including projecting options

- Available in a full range of colours

W20 Windows and Doors

Corporate W20 windows and doors are specifically designed for external application. With a combination of custom-sized doors and fixed safety glazing in a range of colors, design flexibility is refreshingly uncompromised.

The Corporate W20 window and door range offers great versatility. No other steel window system offers such an extensive range of profiles, allowing you and your Crittall Window Specialist the opportunity to create many styles of window, including elaborate composite windows.

An effective weather stripping system and the option of double glazing up to 16.4mm, ensures excellent thermal insulation properties – and the system’s large opening casements and slim frame make it particularly popular with conservationists and planners.


Key features

- Flexibility in design via shaped windows

- Ability to form extensive composite windows

- Well insulated: glazing up to 16.4mm / 5/8” double glazing

- Clearview – very slim frames, thus maximising the glazing

- Durable – hot-dip galvanized

- Low maintenance – factory-applied Duralife polyester powder coat finish

- Energy efficient – integral high-performance EPDM weather stripping

- Full range of colours