Glazing Crane

Leading the Industry with Cutting-Edge Technology

At John Knight Glass, we remain dedicated to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving glazing industry. As demands for larger glass installations continue to rise, we've made strategic investments in cutting-edge technology to meet these challenges head-on.

Our commitment to safety and cost-effectiveness has led us to acquire our own crane—a game-changing addition to our arsenal. If you're planning glass installations that feature expansive glass panels, our sales team is your go-to resource. Not only can we offer competitive pricing, but we also possess the equipment and expertise to tackle even the most ambitious projects successfully.

Our crane, lightweight yet robust, stands as one of the most compact spider cranes available. Measuring a mere 595mm in width and weighing 1000kg, this micro machine excels in navigating tight spaces and effortlessly hoisting substantial glass pieces. Trust in our technology and experience to ensure the triumph of your project.

Experts in Crane Operations for Prestigious Projects

Our specialized team boasts extensive experience in crane operations, having contributed their expertise to some of the most prestigious residential and commercial projects across the UK. Daily, we tackle the supply and installation of large glass sliding doors, leveraging the capabilities of our reliable crane.

Moreover, we excel in bonded and curtain wall glass systems, frequently crafting walls and entire rooms from glass. In these intricate installations, our glass crane plays a pivotal role, ensuring precision, safety, and success. Trust in our seasoned professionals and advanced equipment to bring your ambitious glass projects to life with finesse.

Fitters installing sliding door leaf utilising glass crane.

Sliding door leaf in final position utilising sliding door leaf.

Efficiency That Saves You Money

In the world of modern architectural glazing, glass panels are growing both in size and weight. This shift has made our crane an invaluable asset in ensuring cost-effective installations.

Our crane offers a mechanical advantage when handling larger, heavier glass pieces—a growing necessity in contemporary designs. By leveraging this technology, we complete installations more swiftly and with enhanced safety, often requiring fewer personnel. This efficiency translates into reduced installation costs, which we're proud to pass on to our valued customers.

What sets our crane apart is its exceptional compactness, allowing it to navigate through exceptionally tight spaces that conventional cranes cannot access. Trust us to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs for your projects.