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Timber Alternative Sliding Sash Windows Wirral

After years of routine maintenance, our clients sought a lasting solution to the persistent issues plaguing their original timber sash windows. Despite significant investments in upkeep, such as painting, rot repair, and brush replacement, it became evident that a more effective and sustainable solution was imperative. The original windows, besides being draughty, allowed excessive traffic noise into the house, compelling the homeowners to seek an alternative.

Concerned about compromising the authenticity of their property, both internally and externally, the homeowners were astounded when they witnessed the transformation of another property in their neighborhood that we had recently completed. Our timber alternative sash windows, crafted from UPVC, meticulously replicate the appearance and proportions of the original sash windows. Every detail, from the deep bottom rail to the slim central rail and wood grain finish, has been carefully considered. Remarkably, without physical contact, distinguishing these windows from the original timber ones is nearly impossible.

In executing this project, we replaced all the sash windows throughout the house, delivering a comprehensive facelift to the property. Beyond the enhanced aesthetic appeal, we have significantly elevated the energy efficiency and soundproofing performance of the building. Upon conversing with the homeowners, it became evident that the reduction in drafts and the improvement in soundproofing have substantially improved their day-to-day living experience.

If you are contemplating the upgrade of your aging sash windows to an authentic, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient alternative, a visit to our showroom is an excellent initial step. Our extensive display of sash windows allows you to witness firsthand the authenticity and quality we offer. Our seasoned sales team, well-versed in managing such projects, stands ready to guide you through the entire process. Elevate your living experience with our premium sash windows – a perfect blend of tradition and modern efficiency.