Frameless Windows

A perfect choice for the ultra-modern project or equally as a contemporary twist to your Victorian home our frameless windows are sure to be a talking point amongst your visitors.

With the ability to be set within a wall or protrude out of it our frameless windows are made bespoke each and every time ensuring we can tailor the design bespoke to you and your project.

Product Details

Having been trading for nearly 40 years, we really have seen it all.  From the 12 inch steel round window, right through to the ultra contemporary glass box, and frameless windows are no exception. We are more than comfortable working with bespoke, new and inventive products and have even invented some of our own. We have an extremely specialist and skilled team of people, all with extensive experience in different areas meaning that we have got you covered from point of enquiry right through to installation and aftersales.

We have developed a range of hidden profiles which give us great flexibility when installing our frameless windows into various substrates. Our engineering team are always on hand to calculate the structural requirements to your unique designs ensuring your new installation will be safe and stand the test of time. Wind loads are an extremely important factor and must be calculated for this type of product.

We are able to offer our frameless windows in a triple glazing panel, giving centre pane U values as low as 0.6 which ensures your new window is extremely energy efficient. Acoustic and reflective films can also be applied to your new window to enhance the acoustic and light properties of your new window.

Glazing Robot

Innovation through investment

We are extremely passionate about what we do and as such, are always looking to invest in the latest and greatest technology, not only to help keep our lads safe, but also ensure that we can meet the the most difficult of demands of our most challenging projects. 

Frameless windows often involve the installation of huge heavy panes of glass, and installation of these products is a very precise operation. Our glazing robot is the perfect addition to our team, ensuring your installations are kept on schedule and installation cost is kept to a minimum.

No job to big or small

Our structural glass installations often involve lifting extremely large pieces of glass in areas when there is limited access, for installations like these we have the option to use our own glazing crane or hire specialist equipment and operators in. We regularly work with a local independent crane service and our installation teams have lots of experience working on jobs of this kind.

If you are planning a specialist glazing installation in your next project, however have concerns over logistics and access to your property please get in touch as we are sure to be able to help.