Oriel Windows

One of the most exciting products we have introduced is our frameless Oriel windows. Fusing the original Oriel-style bay window with a box window, these structural glass boxes offer a striking alternative to more traditional bay windows where plenty of natural light is desired.

Oriel Windows

Product Details

With no frames to obscure views and huge versatility in size and shape, our Oriel windows allow you to create a totally bespoke design to suit your property. With its ability to support the roof load itself, allowing you to achieve maximum height to suit your room, coupled with the requirement for only structural silicone at the corner joints, you can expect to be wowed with the end result.  Not forgetting the high specification glazing, ensuring that u-values are extremely low and additional coatings available, meaning that not only will your Oriel window look superb, but it will also perform superbly too.

As with many of the products in our range our Oriel windows are available in a wide range of specifications including double and triple glazing, acoustic glass, painted borders, tinted glass and much more. All of our Oriel windows are made to order and therefore we can work to any size of shape you desire, we have even done a pitched roof oriel window.

Oriel Window Installation

Time Served Tradesmen

All of our installation staff have extensive experience within the industry which is extremely important when it come to installation structural-glass such as Oriel windows. From manufacture through to installation there is no margin for error, glass panels must be manufactured and installed to the millimetre.

Oriel windows are installed by bonding the glass at the corners to create an almost seamless join. Any mistake in the installation of structural-glass will result in water ingress.

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