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Oriel Window Cheshire

Within a broader scope of renovations, our Cheshire-based client envisioned turning a mundane window into an architecturally captivating feature. Inspired by a window seat concept seen in a magazine, the client approached us to bring this vision to life. Collaborating closely, we designed a unique Oriel window that not only expanded the space but also added a striking architectural focal point. The result? A floating structure that has become the highlight of every visitor's conversation.

Design Innovation:

Working collaboratively with the homeowner, we reimagined the window, creating an Oriel masterpiece. The design incorporated structural glass on the sides and front, eliminating the need for a conventional frame. This innovative approach not only maximized space and light but also gave the appearance of a floating structure, thanks to a discreet structural base. The Oriel window, once a mere functional element, now stands as a stunning piece of architectural art.

The Result:

Architectural Harmony:

The replacement of the original UPVC window with the new Oriel window has transformed the space. The extension of the window outward has redefined the feel of the area, creating an illusion of increased internal space. The window, seemingly floating from the building, injects a substantial amount of architectural interest into the property, making it a visual delight.

Increased Natural Light:

Strategically positioned, the Oriel window floods the interior with natural light, turning it into a luminous and welcoming sanctuary. The view of the beautiful gardens now extends far beyond the limitations of the original window, offering an expanded field of vision. The added bonus is a comfortable sitting nook, inviting residents to relax and immerse themselves in the picturesque surroundings.


For homeowners in Cheshire aspiring to redefine their living spaces, our commitment to delivering innovative solutions is unwavering. The transformation of a simple window into a captivating Oriel masterpiece exemplifies our dedication to enhancing both the aesthetics and daily living experience. To embark on a similar journey of transformation, we invite you to connect with our sales team today. Your dream home is just a conversation away.