All glass flat roof light


If your space is suffering from low levels of light, a flat roof light may be the answer to your problem.  Designed specifically for flat roofs, our roof lights can completely transform a space, flooding it with natural light and allowing previously dark and gloomy areas of the room to feel bright and open.

The design of our flat roof lights are both simple and minimalist, with unobtrusive sight-lines which allow for an uninterrupted view of the sky and maximise the light flow. This can transform a previously underwhelming and old fashioned flat roof into a contemporary looking feature on any home extension, providing a stunning focal point both internally and externally.

With two roof lights within our flat roof light range we have something for every project starting at 1m2 and going up to 40m2 we can supply a roof light for any project. Available in both double and triple glazing as well as a walk on option our roof lights can meet the strictest energy efficiency standards of the most demanding projects.

Without doubt our flat roof light will enhance any flat roof and transform your room into a bright light filled space that is so rarely seen with a flat roof extension.