New Build Home Cheshire

Project Overview: Bell Meadow, a renowned housing developer specializing in unique architectural designs, embarked on a captivating project aimed at seamlessly blending modern comfort with the timeless allure of a traditional French farmhouse. This endeavour involved the construction of a new-build home characterized by its rustic charm and elegant simplicity, meticulously crafted to evoke the warmth and character of rural France. To bring this vision to life, Bell Meadow collaborated with John Knight Glass, a leading provider of bespoke glazing solutions, to create a stunning array of windows and doors that would enhance the home's aesthetic appeal and functionality.

New build French Farmhouse in Cheshire featuring a full glazing scheme including arched Crittall screens and timber windows.

Angled view of the large French Farmhouse new build in Cheshire.

The front elevation of the property features several arched Crittall screens, multiple timber windows and some smaller Crittall steel windows around the entrance. One of the main features is the double height arched Crittall screen in the centre of the building. As this is the south facing elevation it benefits from direct sunlight for most of the day, flooding the main hall with sunlight throughout the day a popular spot for the family's beloved dog.

Close up of the internal Oak framed steel Crittall windows.

External view of the oak frame steel windows with lead lighting.

View of the arched timber frame window internally from the first floor.

The front of the property featuring a beautifully symmetrical window and door installation.

Through the trees an alternative view of the farmhouse property.

The south east elevation of the building features another dual height arched window, however constructed of a large solid oak frame and steel Crittall casements embedded within the frame. Two large pitched gable ends frame the matching timber windows and arched Crittall screens below. A stunning symmetrical façade which is visible on entry to the grounds framed perfectly by the well established trees within the grounds. 

Dual arched Crittall screens.

Main rear view of the building showing both rear elevations. Timber and steel products used throughout.

Internal view of the arched Crittall screen.


The rear of the property features a large orangery featuring 5 arched Crittall screens and a large flat roof light. The second floor features a range of timber doors and windows including French door to all the main bedrooms allowing for a great amount of light flow. 

Internal view of the large arched Crittall screen, a real feature of the home.

Straight on view of the first visible elevation of the home when entering the property.

Dual arched Crittall screens.

The collaboration between John Knight Glass and Bell Meadow resulted in the successful realization of a stunning French farmhouse-inspired property with exemplary glazing solutions. The installed Crittall screens, oaked frame steel windows, and Knight Collection timber windows and doors seamlessly blended traditional charm with contemporary functionality. The property not only exuded timeless elegance but also boasted enhanced comfort, energy efficiency, and durability.

Rear view of the French Farmhouse property.

Internal view of the Crittall screens.

Abstract view of the agate grey arched timber windows.

Slim Crittall steel window with external hinges.

Internal view of a arched Crittal screen.

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