Large Crittall screen Altrincham

Crittall Project Altrincham

Inspired by the luxury hotels in London, our clients completed a full renovation of this stunning Victorian townhouse with extensive internal alterations. On the main living floor of the house all internal walls have been removed to create a large open plan living space, in the kitchen the floor height has been lowered to achieving a fantastic ceiling height.

The new taller ceiling height meant that the old French doors could be replaced with a much bigger alternative. Crittall French doors with top lights where the perfect fit and work in harmony with the home’s interior, so much so that several Crittall screen’s has been installed throughout the property. Not only does this work perfectly with the homes interior but also floods this large property with lots of natural light which has been key to the success of the renovation.

Internally there has been a Crittall screen installed between the lounge area and the hallway. This is an ideal solution considering the need for a fire door due to the home having multiple floors without removing the visual link between the living space and the hall area. The screen also adds a physical barrier between the main floor and the other floors within the house helping to keep the space warm during winter.

The steel doors have been finished in a matt black powder coating which contrasts extremely well with the grey and white colour scheme adding a touch of industrial flair to this home, externally the black frames and glazing bars pop against the brickwork.

This project is a great demonstration of how successful a renovation can be with a well considered layout and the right interior and exterior design choices. With living spaces being made bigger than ever before and old house being adapted to work for modern living, choosing the right windows and doors for your project is vital and contributes not only to lighting your space but also achieving the final aesthetic that you and your family will get to enjoy on a daily basis.

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