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Knight Line Corner Less Slider Wilmslow

The Knight Line Cornerless Slider and Knight Line Slider

For the past 12 years, the owners and their two young children have cherished their remarkable home. Originally part of a cluster of farm buildings, their abode offers a serene view of adjacent fields. Nestled within the exclusive gated development of Wilmslow, this property is one of several similar residences meticulously designed and built by the owners as part of the transformation of these former farm structures.

In the midst of the 2020 pandemic lockdown, the couple embarked on a transformational journey for their home. Inspired by their natural surroundings and captivated by episodes of Grand Designs, they aspired to seamlessly merge the indoor and outdoor spaces. Their project aimed to create a fresh open-plan living area, an additional bedroom, and a new playroom for their children.

During the construction phase, they made significant alterations, relocating two windows to the opposite end of their home and crafting two distinct openings in the substantial stone walls.

Collaborating with the John Knight Glass team, the owners designed, procured, and installed two separate Knight Line Sliding Doors. The centerpiece is a corner-less Knight Line Slider with three-panel doors on each side, boasting a combined length of 8500mm & 4500mm. The Knight Line sliders stand out with their remarkably thin vertical sightlines of just 20mm, in contrast to other alternatives typically ranging from 40 to 60mm, offering an unparalleled unobstructed view.

These slender sightlines, coupled with a total height of 2400mm, culminate in a truly striking finish.

The second sliding door, measuring an ample 6000mm in length and 2100mm in height, presents an additional gateway between the children's playroom and the outdoor expanse. In warmer months, these expansive doors remain open, welcoming fresh air, while in colder seasons, they provide security and ample daylight for the playroom, maintaining warmth and coziness with excellent U values.

When the Knight Line Sliders glide open, the owners' ingenious use of matching interior and exterior porcelain floor tiles seamlessly blends the indoor and outdoor realms, achieving the project's vision to unite these two worlds.

The owners are elated with the outcome of their Grand Design and eagerly anticipate years of enjoyment with their new sliding doors.