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Flat roof extension with timber doors and roof lantern

Flat Roof Extension with Lantern

Nestled within the picturesque landscape of an area renowned for its natural beauty, this exquisite Georgian residence boasts a rich historical legacy. Eager to enhance their living space while preserving the intrinsic charm of their listed property, the homeowners embarked on a journey to add a rear extension that would seamlessly blend modern functionality with timeless elegance. This endeavour, however, necessitated meticulous attention to detail and adherence to stringent regulations, given the property's status within a conservation area.

Collaborating closely with the discerning homeowners and their skilled builders, our team embarked on a quest to design and implement a rear extension that would not only fulfil the family's desire for a spacious kitchen/dining area but also honour the architectural integrity of the Georgian abode. Central to our vision was the incorporation of a flat roof extension with a lantern, a design element that would infuse the interior with an abundance of natural light while serving as a striking focal point.

In our pursuit of excellence, we turned to our esteemed Knight Collection, renowned for its superior craftsmanship and energy-efficient solutions. Opting for traditional timber windows and doors, we meticulously tailored each element to harmonize with the existing façade, carefully selecting a bespoke RAL color to seamlessly integrate with the property's aesthetic. Employing a five-stage paint process, we ensured durability and longevity, a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.

The windows, adorned with a single vertical and horizontal glazing bar, underwent a remarkable transformation, transcending their utilitarian purpose to become captivating architectural features. To maintain visual equilibrium and optimize views of the verdant surroundings, French doors flanked by sidelights were installed, lending symmetry and grace to the expansive aperture.

Elevating the extension's allure to new heights, an aluminium roof lantern was introduced, infusing the interior with an ethereal ambiance reminiscent of sun-drenched orangeries of yore. This celestial addition not only accentuates the spaciousness of the kitchen/dining area but also pays homage to architectural traditions, seamlessly bridging the past with the present.

Internally, the extension exudes a sense of timeless sophistication, with a traditional kitchen and stone flooring evoking a bygone era. The result is a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity, where every detail, from the meticulously crafted windows to the bespoke roof lantern, reflects a reverence for the property's storied past.

Under the stewardship of The Open Plan Building Company (OPB), renowned for their expertise in extensions and structural alterations, this project unfolded seamlessly, culminating in a living space that epitomizes modern luxury while staying true to its historical roots. As the sun sets over the tranquil landscape, casting a warm glow upon the newly adorned extension, the homeowners revel in the realization of their vision—a testament to the enduring allure of architectural harmony.

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