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Internorm I-TEC Shading Technology


Shading with self-sufficient Energy

Internorm believes the energy which a window requires, should also be produced by the window. An example of this is the new motor driven window with fully integrated sun protection blinds, which can be either Venetian or Duette® which come in a huge range of colours.

Solar powered blinds with self-sufficient energy supplies

A major benefit of Internorm window systems is that their integrated blind system can be equipped with solar powered motor driven shading devices that require no external power supply. The energy that that powers the blinds are generated directly at the window by a solar strip which is fully internally integrated into the cover which means the electro motor is completely self-sufficient and carbon neutral. The power is stored in a battery and can be drawn upon when required. The battery receives a permanent charge through diffused day light.


There will be no energy power costs, no plugs or sockets are required, and no chiselling work is necessary as no electric cables are needed. As a result, this solar powered fully integrated system is perfect for in refurbishments as in a lot of cases there are no power supply's available. I-Tec shading is good to go straight after installation and can be retrofitted after installation to almost any Internorm window system. The control system can be operated wirelessly using the Smart Window App on your smart phone or tablet. Several blinds are available such as Venetian blinds or Duette® blinds that come in a wide range of colours.

Automatic function

This blind system can be operated automatically. This creates a higher level of energy efficiency which provides an energy cost saving and provides more comfort. This automatic function allows automatic operation of the blind at sunrise and sunset. This automatic function prevents against overheating. By reading temperature and solar radiation, the blinds close before the room temperatures rise too high.