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Intelligent building technology simply controlled.

With Internorm new ground breaking technology your ease and quality of life will be greatly improved with the new Internorm building control SmartWindow. The intelligent Internorm product range includes: I-Tec ventilation, I-Tec shading, sun protection and fanlight opener. These components can be easily controlled remotely via any tablet or smart phone.

SmartWindow is incredibly easy to install and operate. All that is required is simply a small gateway to connected to your existing WLAN router and your windows or doors. The gateway connects the respective components inside the windows and doors to your smart phone or tablet.

The SmartWindow App can be downloaded with its respective installation instructions for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

This ground breaking Internorm technology really is that easy to download and use. Windows and doors which have the integrated building control, can simply be programmed into the SmartWindow App on your smart phone or table, this can then be given a location or description or location of your choosing, and then can be remotely operated from your smart phone or tablet. With the click of a button or the press of a screen, the control for all your windows is quite literally at your fingertips.

Easy operation and comfort

At the touch of a button your Internorm windows will come alive. Everything can be adjusted and controlled via your smart phone or tablet with the slightest of ease. Blinds can be moved up and down, to adjust the amount of light in a room to satisfy your requirements, ventilation can be controlled and fanlights can be opened or closed.

You can also create standard personal setting to apply to a whole room or simply one individual window. These are called "Scenes" on the App, for example a "night time" setting which will close all the blinds in a certain room or rooms at night. For operating a number of windows at the same time, so-called groups are formed which can be hugely beneficial at for security when away from the property of at night time.

The wireless system can be easily extended

This incredible wireless system is not confined to the parameters of just windows, by purchasing varies electrical extras from retail stores you can control your entire house with your tablet or SmarPhone. Items that can be link to the Smart window system include: Internorm recommended weather station, the switch-able electrical socket, the opening control and the smoke sensors are directly recognised by the SmartWindow control. Further items can be added using other wireless models.


The smart house technology not only gives a feeling of cutting edge design and a certain aspect of fun, but it guarantees you ease and peace of mind in day to day living. In fact, it guarantees comfort within your own four walls and optimises energy consumption.