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Internorm Home Soft Windows – Ideal for the Sophisticated… 

The home range design is for the person seeking quality thermally efficient windows with but with an understated look. It, as its name suggests, is the perfect range for those trying to create an incredible, bespoke concept home, however with a warm homely feel; neither overly modern or traditional.

In the home range Internorm identified that those of you looking for less of a statement, thermally efficient or passive haus, window than the Studio range, or less traditional passive haus or thermally efficient window than the Ambiente range, may still want the option of a square profiled window or a rounded window. For this reason Internorm has broken the home range into two profiles: Home Pure and Home Soft. Please see the descriptions below to see which profile fits your home.

Harmonic shapes and the soft-line design of the home soft windows characterise the architecture of your building. The Internorm window systems in soft-line design adapt perfectly to your living style.

There are no limits to your creativity – surfaces and colours allow plenty of room for individualisation. Also available in the home soft accessories: Handles, sun and insect protection, colours and large-scale elemente. All home soft windows made of timber/aluminium, UPVC/aluminium and UPVC can be found under home soft comfort.Enjoy interesting insights and views under the home soft style section!


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Home Pure can be seen as the softer equivalent to the Internorm Studio range. Although it uses the same square profiles as the Internorm Studio range it has larger overlapping outer frames as there would be with a traditional casement window and not the sharp flush finish of the Internorm studio range. This Internorm Home Pure range is perfect for those of you looking for a modern twist without loosing the homely feel of your property.

Internorm home soft logo

Home Soft gives a soft and cosy feel that can be seen as the slightly more contemporary version of the Internorm Ambiente system. It follows the same rounded profile as the Ambiente system however it doesn’t have quiet as intricate detailing as the Ambiente system. It is perfect for those of you who are looking to give your home a more traditional softer twist, without totally taking away the modern look of your home.


Home Soft Windows View from the Inside

The curved profiles of the home soft window gives a magical feeling of cosy, homeliness. It stands for peaceful family living and a calm outlook on life.


Home Soft Windows bespoke design can be seen in their internal curved profiles that fit perfectly with your cosy home.


Choose between a natural timber finish or UPVC to achieve any look you desire.

Georgian / Feature Bars

Choose from an extensive range of Georgian / Feature Bars that come in different shapes and widths to match your needs.


Please refer to the colour pages to see the range of RAL colours and bespoke special colours that will give your window that unique finish.

Home Soft Windows View From the Outside

By choosing a Home Soft system you are showing your desire to achieve a cosy traditional look to create a calm liveable home rather than an overwhelming architectural concept project. For a home choose Home Soft.


Home Soft systems can blend seamlessly into the architecture of any home. Its soft curved frames allow the window to blend into any home from a traditional renovation or a modern new build.


Choose between long-lasting UPVC and weather-resistant aluminium in a wide range of colours and rich timber shades.

Georgian / Feature Bars

Choose from an extensive range of Georgian / Feature Bars: glued-on and integrated Georgian/Feature bars in different widths.


Please refer to the colour pages to see just how many RAL colours and bespoke Internorm colours are available for your Internorm Home Soft window.