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Technical Data

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation with standard triple glazing LIGH (Ug = 0.6 W/m2K) Uw = 0.88 W/m2K
Best thermal insulation Uw up to 0.74 W/m2K (with corresponding glazing)

Sound Insulation

Soundproofing up to 45 dB (with corresponding glazing)

System Description

  • 71 mm construction depth
  • Narrow view width up to 97 mm
  • Triple gasket system
  • Fully concealed hardware available upon request
  • FIX-O-ROUND technology
  • Visible drainage
  • Security class RC1 and RC2 tested (upon request)
  • Standard security
  • 5-chamber system
  • Locking parts screwed into steel – from a certain window size on
  • Shortened aluminium attachment clad available upon request, for thermo-technical optimised construction connection

Internorm KF 200 UPVC/ALUMINIUM - Window Profile

I-tec Features

iTec glazing logo

Triple Gasket System

Three continuous gasket levels without interruption ensure high impermeability.

I-tec Glazing FIX-O-ROUND Technology

Continuous all around fixing of the glass pane ensures better stability, thermal and sound insulation, burglary protection and functioning security.

Square-Edged Exterior Design

This design in square-edged version is available exclusively with an aluminium clad.