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Internorm KF 500 UPVC


Technical Data

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation with standard triple glazing and highly thermally insulating edge seal (Ug = 0.5 W/m2K) Uw = 0.69 W/m2K
For best energy efficiency SOLAR+ glazing (Ug = 0.6 W/m2K and g value 62 %) Uw = 0.76 W/m2K

Sound Insulation

Soundproofing up to 46 dB (with corresponding glazing)

System Description

  • 90 mm construction depth
  • Revolutionary I-tec locking as standard, this means fully integrated concealed hardware
  • Visible or concealed drainage
  • Shortened aluminium attachment clad available upon request, for thermo-technical optimised construction connection
  • Triple gasket system
  • FIX-O-ROUND technology
  • RC2 N as standard (without lockable handle) acc. to EN 1627–1630
  • Multi chamber system with additional highly thermally insulating thermal foam (HCFC, HCF and FC free)
  • I-tec ventilation available upon request
  • Stylish sash created through profiled frames – with the advantages of sash finished in all-glass appearance
  • More light through narrow view widths up to 80 mm

Internorm KF 500 UPVC - Window Profile

I-tec Features

iTec locking logo
iTec shading logo
iTec glazing logo

Aluminium Version

Along with the classic UPVC version in white, the aluminium attachment clad version in all colours is also available.

I-tec Locking

Integrated locking flaps instead of locking pegs ensure the safe locking of the sash. Therefore, the standard hardware version already complies to RC2 N (without lockable handle) acc. to EN1627-1630, standard tested burglary protection.

I-tec Ventilation

Continuous fresh air for the whole room and your well being. Uncontrolled airing leads to energy losses. The I-tec ventilation is equipped with a heat exchanger. 86% heat recovery reduces the energy losses to a minimum.