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Internorm Revolutionary Technology


With high-end architectural design dramatically improving in recent years the expectations on design, technology, quality and comfort for a window has dramatically increased.

Under the catch all title of "I-Tec", Internorm have been developing and creating a series of revolutionary Internorm technologies to meet these demands. These Internorm I-tec innovations boast a unique hardware system with invisible locking to create the highest level of security possible, a ventilation system which is completely concealed and integrated into the window, and a shading system for windows with integrated blinds powered either by solar power or electrics. Finally, I-Tec glazing boasts a patented all around gluing system which attaches the window frame with the glass pane, this is referred to in the FIX-O-ROUND technology page.

Internorm‘s I-Tec innovations can offer you:

  • A much easier to clean window thanks to the invisible locking and closing parts
  • A more thermally efficient window due to its integrated heat exchanger
  • Improved ventilation through the automatic exchange of humid air and unpleasant smells with I-Tec Ventilation
  • Easy breathing for allergy sufferer thanks to the integrated pollen filter
  • Increased security thanks to the patented all around gluing system FIX-O-ROUND
  • Higher energy efficiency with shading through photovoltaic Technology