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Internorm I-TEC Ventilation Technology


Fresh air and energy saving Technology from Internorm

Improved ventilation, thermal efficiency, and energy saving are the key advantages of the fully concealed, and integrated ventilation inside the window frame. With I-Tec ventilation rooms are ventilated automatically, thermally efficiently, and according to your personal specification.


Fresh air ensures clearer minds, better sleeping, increased concentration and generally improved performance. Allergy and hay fever sufferers will find that they can breathe clearly again by choosing the option of filters in the I-TECH VENTILATION to prevents fine dust and flower pollen from coming into your home. Due to the regulated I-Tec ventilation your homes air quality will significantly improved.

Energy saving

Unregulated quick air exchange or permanent air leakage can lead to massive thermal and energy loss. The I-Tec ventilator comes with an integrated heat exchanger which can massively improve thermal efficiency. Energy losses are reduced to a minimum with the 86 % heat recovery (e.g. KF 500).


The I-Tec ventilator is fully concealed and integrated into the window systems KF 500, KF 410 and KV 440. The inside and outside view of the window will only show narrow ventilation grids. Unlike other conventional ventilation systems there is no impact on the interior or exterior architecture. The ventilator is fitted during the installation of the windows.


Windows that boast integrated I-Tec ventilation give your home a constant supply of clean, fresh air. Alternatively damp, used air, unpleasant smells and pollutants are sucked out of your home and exchanged for fresh air. The control component is fitted to the window to enabling easy usage and convenient operation when ventilating your home. I-Tec ventilation can be controlled via the Smart Window App on your tablet or smart phone for incredibly easy usage.


The I-Tec ventilation system also has security benefits, due to the window staying closed during the air exchange and therefore, the locks remain engaged to ensure maximum protection against break in. When leaving the house there is no uncertainty as to whether the windows have been left open after airing, therefore giving ultimate peace of mind that your home is properly secure.