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Rationel - Glazing Options

Rationel have a large range of glazing options enabling you to completely customize your windows to suit your property perfectly. Please see below for the full range of glazing options.


Rationel Energy

Rationel energy glazing reduces heat loss due to the glass being coated with a thin metal coating the reflects heat back into the building. The glazing pane is also filled with argon gas which improved the insulation properties of the glass.

Rationel Secure  

Rationel Secure glass is laminated for enhanced security, increasing the time and effort required to break in.

Rationel Obscure  

Rationel Obscure panes are used to restrict the view inside and outside of the home, perfect for private areas. Rationel Obscure features 6 different styles to choose from.

Rationel Safety  

Rationel safety glass can be toughened, laminated or a combination of both. Toughened glass breaks into lots of harmless pieces and laminated glass remains as a complete unit when broken, both reducing the risk of injury in the event of breakage.

Rationel Sound  

If you live in a busy or high traffic area, Rationel sound glass can be used to reduce the noise inside of your property. Thicker glass can be specified to break the sound waves when passing through the glazing unit reducing the amount of noise that can enter the property.

Rationel Solar  

Rationel Solar glass can be used to to limit the amount of sunlight and heat that can enter a building, ideal for particularly sunny aspects.