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Why Choose Rationel Windows

Rationel windows are constructed to a very high standard offering a long lasting product that will deliver great performance, security and weather tightness. To find out more information about what makes these windows so special, please navigate through the sections below.


Security is one of the key factors to be considered when choosing windows and doors as they are the most commonly targeted entries of a break in. Rationel is ahead of the game in this area and have invested heavily in the development of their products' security. 

Energy Efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of your window can greatly reduce your heating bills and improve the comfort of your home. Rationel windows are a great choice when looking for energy efficient windows as their alu-clad timber construction offers superb air tightness and when combined with the latest triple glazing glass can achieve very high U value, compatible even with strict Passive House standards.


Many products from the Rationel window range have been put through a range of durability test to ensure they can withstand the harshest weather. Rationel windows are tested against water tightness, wear and tear and weather tightness.


Rationel windows frames are constructed from timber which is considered to be the most sustainable material to manufacture window frames from. Rationel have been certified with the FSC global labelling scheme for sustainable wood and paper.

Glazing Options

Rationel windows have a large range of optional glazing choices all designed to suit different requirements. Rationel have developed a range of glass technology including ENERGY, SECURE, OBSCURE, SAFETY, FACADE, SOUND and SOLAR.

Shaped Windows

Rationel windows are extremely customisable perfect for those looking to achieve something bespoke. Rationel windows can be supplied in custom shapes on request.