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Rationel - Energy Efficiency

Inefficient windows will leak heat from your home, resulting in higher heating bills and higher CO2 emissions.  In order to avoid this, special attention must be paid to the energy efficiency of the glazing that you install in your home. The potential to save money is considerable when using Rationel energy efficient products, whether you are constructing a new build property, or replacing existing windows and doors. 

Rationel products have excellent insulation properties, which offer a significant saving on CO2 emissions, another benefit is their slim design, which allows free solar heat to enter your home during the daylight.  A high level of airtightness is offered with Rationel windows, minimising draughts and cold spots and controlled ventilation is an option that can be supplied with your window, allowing fresh air to circulate your home. All of Rationel windows are supplied with argon filled double or triple energy efficient glazing complete with warm edge spacer as standard. All of these factors ensure that your Rationel windows provide you with an optimum indoor climate and comfort level.


Reducing thermal loss by utilising energy efficient glazing reduces the overall heating bill of your home.  One great feature of the Rationel energy windows is that the space between the glazing panes of both double and triple glazing is filled with argon gas, which is a far better insulator than air. Inside an energy efficient glazing unit, there is a thin metal coating which reflects heat that would otherwise be lost, back into the room.  This coating that is used is neutral, therefore it allows maximum sunlight into rooms during the daylight hours, offering you the benefit of free solar heat.

Rationel ENERGY panes create a bright and pleasant indoor environment, as well as reproduce colours in your indoor environment as neutrally and naturally as technically possible. They also meet energy class A requirements for your peace of mind.