Aluminium Curtain Walling

Curtain Walling

Are you looking to create a wow factor entrance, or something that simply isn't possible with either standard windows or doors?

Our Knight Façade curtain walling system is the solution, with no boundaries on the size, scale and design options we can accomplish just about anything with out curtain walling system.

Curtain Walling

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Knight Façade

Curtain walling synonymous with large commercial buildings such as shopping centres, schools and hospital and is now making it way into residential properties. There are few limitation on the use of curtain walling as it can be designed to virtually any size.

If you want to create a large expanse of glass that is bigger than that available in the door or window of your choice curtain walling is the perfect choice. With the ability to combine or integrate windows and doors within our curtain walling system is really is extremely flexible.

Some of the common uses of curtain walling within residential properties include grand entrance with a entrance door within the centre of the curtain wall, pitched glazing replacing a gable end with a glass wall, extremely large picture windows and much more. Our curtain walling system can be combined with any of other aluminium window and door systems and is available in a huge range of RAL colours giving you complete flexibility in design.

One thing that must be considered when you are looking to include a curtain wall within your project is that we will require wind load calculations to ensure the curtain wall is manufactured to the correct specification for your property. This is often done by your architect or structural engineer, alternatively we can have this calculation done on your behalf.

We have extensive experience working on new build and renovation projects including curtain walling schemes and have our own specialist crane on hand to ensure your project is completed quickly, efficiently and to an extremely high standard.