Large Rationel bespoke curtain walling system, completed with alu-clad timber windows.

Rationel Windows Alderley Edge

Located in the heart of Alderley Edge in Cheshire, the homeowners purchased this home with a view to completely renovate and create their ultimate dream home. Having completely redeveloped and customised this house, they have created a stunning one off home that is completely unique to themselves.

Unlike anything we have seen before, this development has involved the use of lots of natural materials including different types of timber both internally and externally. The result is a real sense of warmth, making you feel right at home as soon as you enter the front door. Throughout the downstairs of the property the building is completely open plan, however it has lots of different areas thanks to the use of cleverly postioned walls.

The windows and sliding doors that we have fitted throughout the property are an alu-clad timber window from Rationel which have been finished in a sage green colour both internally and externally. This works really well with the overall scheme of the property contrasting well against the oak used on the external cladding and the light wood used internally.

One of the bespoke features of this property is the entrance. Once you open the front door, you walk straight into a dual height entrance hall with a beautiful spiral staircase design. The corner wall has been completely opened up and we have installed a curtain walling system, adding that real wow factor to the space both internally and externally.

At the rear of the property we have fitted various sliding doors which help to bring in lots of light to the space but also allow the owners to open up the living space to the outdoors and make the most of their covered garden area. The kitchen area has a large glazed wall made up of two sliding doors and a large non-opening window. This provided a more cost effective solution over installing one really large door and functionally it has offered more versatility to the property owners.

We really like the unique use of materials on this property and think the Rationel alu-clad timber windows were the perfect choice for this build.



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