Passivhaus / Passive House Retrofit

Although you may think that Passivhaus standard is only achievable by the careful planning and design of a new building, this would be a misconception. Building techniques now make it possible to refurbish existing buildings to the Passivhaus specifications for glazing, ventilation, air tightness and thermal bridging.  Replacing inefficient "leaky" units with high specification window systems will appreciably reduce heat loss and a Passivhaus refit will also address the need to bring down CO2 emissions from a poorly insulated home.  The long term benefits of refitting your home with Passivhaus accredited windows and doors will bring a return on investment from day one from the combined effects of both lower fuel bills and CO2 output.

In conjunction with our Passivhaus Consultant we will be pleased to advise you on the choice and installation of Passivhaus accredited components to convert your home and to help you ultimately upgrade it to full accreditation if that is your goal.  For certain older buildings, the option of achieving Certification as a "Quality-Approved Energy Retrofit with Passive House Components" may be a more cost effective solution than full accreditation. To find out more, please contact us to book a preliminary consultation.

Our showroom display includes the range available from our partner Internorm who produce nine Passivhaus accredited components which combine engineering precision with modern design elements so that you can improve the energy rating of an existing home and be confident of retrofitting your house with style.



Introducing Our Passivhaus / Energy Efficiency Expert Tim Hulse 

Introducing Our Passivhaus / Energy Efficiency Expert Tim Hulse

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