Passivhaus / Passive House Expert Tim Hulse

Building a home or commerical building to meet the stringent Passivhaus (Passive House) standard is a ambitious and noble aim. There are a large number of objectives to achieve as well as targets which must be reached to become fully accedited to this German designed energy efficiency standard.

If you are either investigating Passivhaus or are already in the design and development stages of a a Passivhaus building then we are here to help, provide support, work with you to perfect designs and even provide construction services. Which ever level of support you require we can provide.

Our expert consultant in eco building design and construction is Tim Hulse (pictured on the right). Tim is a highly knowledgeable and experienced specialist in the construction and design of new build energy efficient buildings, as well as offering a full consultancy service for updating and upgrading the energy efficiency of existing buildings, including grade two and three listed buildings.

Tim is driven by an absolute passion for the sustainability of the built environment, with a personal focus on improving the energy efficiency of existing heritage buildings. In addition Tim has also designed, consulted for and constructed a large number of new build energy efficient homes throughout the UK.

Tim holds an MSc in Architecture at The Centre for Alternative Technology and throughout his MSc engaged a particular focus on energy efficiency for buildings. In addition to his MSc Tim is also Passivhaus Institute Certified Passivhaus Designer; meaning that he is accredited to deliver the correct advice for your project whether it is a new building or an existing property of victorian age or even earlier.

On hand to provide practical advice and design assistance Tim, in combination with the fantastic Passive House grade Windows and Doors which you can see in our showroom, can help you achieve your Passivhaus project or development, or substancially improve the energy efficiency of your property.

With Tim's knowledge a Passivhaus building can be designed and delivered to consume 90% less energy than one built to current building regulations.

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Picture of Tim Hulse