Colours, materials and surface finish

VELFAC windows, casement doors and sliding casement doors are made of hard-wearing materials that require a minimum of maintenance.

Carefully selected materials and paint finishes ensuring maximum protection by utilising the best surface treatments.

External colours and surface finishes

The external aluminium capping is a highly durable surface and should never need repainting, only cleaning a few times a year, or as needed.

As shown above several surface treatment options are available:

  • Matt powder coating in a classic K7 RAL colour, gloss 30
  • Glossy powder coating in a classic K7 RAL colour, gloss 77
  • ‘VELFAC Granite colours’ which is a textured finish, that looks and feels like rough-cut granite
  • Anodized surface finish in bronze, silver or black

Glazing bars consist externally of an aluminium profile in the same colour as the sash. The glazing gaskets are black.

 Internal colours and surface finishes

The wood is surface is treated using a coloured paint or clear lacquer.

Choose from our 30 different standard RAL colours or clear lacquer so that the grain of the wood can be seen. Approx. 170 special colours among the classic K7 RAL colours are available at an extra cost.
However the most popular finishes are white (RAL 9010), black (RAL 9005) or clear internal lacquer finish to reveal the beauty of the wooden frame.

For the final finish, only water-based materials that do not release toxic substances into the room afterwards.

VELFAC 200 has burglary resistant internal glazing beads. Please select the colour that best matches the frame finish: white (RAL 9010), grey (RAL 7035) or black (RAL 9005).

Glazing bars are internally white, grey or black, as the glazing bead.