Whether you are looking to enhance the kerb appeal of your home or increase its energy efficiency, our Velfac window range offers the complete package. With striking slim aluminium capping available in a wide range of colours and solid timber frame with modern glazing giving you complete flexibility in aesthetics and performance in one package.

Product Details

Our Velfac window range offers you the best of both worlds, with extremely hard wearing and durable outer aluminium shell, and the beauty and versatility of natural wood internally. The aluminium façade is both highly durable and low maintenance giving you a window that will last 40 years or more. The solid timber frame adds to the overall energy efficiency of the window contribution to the extremely low u-values as low as 0.8 W/m²k. Velfac 200 windows are designed with contemporary styling in mind so not only do you get an extremely high performance window but also one that will add to the aesthetic of the home. The slim 54mm sightlines maximise light whilst looking at home on both modern and traditional homes. The various window types across the range have the same consistent sightlines providing a consistent aesthetic across your project.

With a great amount of flexibility in specification and options, our 200 range can be specified to blend with the architecture of your home making them suitable for any type of project.

Modern windows for your house

Windows and doors retain a uniform appearance, whether they open or not, further enhancing the uncluttered feel optimised by the contemporary design. Not only will you experience more daylight, your house will also have a timeless appearance that you can enjoy year after year.

All VELFAC windows and doors are tailor made so you can specify size and shape of your new windows, mix and match hundreds of frame colours, and choose from a variety of handle functions and surface finishes.

VELFAC windows offer excellent value for money and are often more cost effective compared with aluminium windows. Choosing new wood/aluminium composite windows over aluminium only or wood only versions, you will bring many more benefits to your house in terms of design,security and energy efficiency.


Glazing Bars

Vertical and horizontal glazing bars can be used to:
continue a uniform pattern where mullions or transoms have been used
create a Georgian style window by using a cross within each unit of glazing.

They can also be used to combine two different types of glazing in the same sash e.g. for ‘apron’ areas of glazing.


VELFAC windows, casement doors and sliding casement doors are made of hard-wearing materials that require a minimum of maintenance.

We are careful when selecting suppliers and when specifying materials. We put great effort into processing and surface treatment. These are all cornerstones of a quality product.

The exterior aluminium frames are polyester powder coated. The surface reminiscent of paint on a car.