Timber Entrance Door Hardware

One of the standout features of any timber door is without doubt its hardware, from the sleek oversized pull bar handle right through to wrought cast Iron door knockers that we see across the county today. The door furniture is what finishes the door and makes it stand out from all the rest.

Contemporary Hardware

Our Contemporary hardware is available in a wide range of finishes including Brass, Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Antique Brass, Distressed Brass, Aged Brass, Distressed Antique Brass, Chrome Plate, Satin Chrome Plate, Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel, Pearl Nickel Plate, Antique Nickel, Dark Brass Metal Antique, Imitation Bronze Metal, Distressed Antique Nickel, Distressed Oil Rubbed Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Modern Hardware


Our Modern door range comes as standard supplied with a bar pull handle available in various sizes. Other door handles are available on request.



Traditional Door Hardware

Our traditional iron door range is available in Black and Pewter, our most popular designs are shown below however more styles available on request.