Modern Oak Entrance Door Cheshire

Supply and fit of an Modern Oak entrance door as part of a scheme of modernisations to a home in Cheshire. The oak slab door has a sleek contemporary design that has been pared with a modern oversized bar handle to achieve the desired look.

The door is set within an oak frame with full height side lights to allow lots of light to flow into the hallway. The woodgrain of the oak throughout the main centre panels of the door is booked matched so that the grain runs consistently throughout the door to give a cohesive look. At the bottom of the door we have fitted a weather bar to ensure water is directed away from the building a standard feature on all of our timber doors.

The door is finished with a multi layered clear coating to enhance and protect the oak for many years to come. We also fitted the door with a low aluminium threshold which not only adds to the look of the door but makes it easier to enter the building with things like prams and wheelchairs.

This door is a great example of what is possible with wood, being so flexible we can create designs that just wouldn't be possible with other materials and although we often associate timber with more tradition windows and doors, it definitely works just as well with modern designs.

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