Timber Entrance Doors

Grand, commanding and welcoming, timber has been used throughout the times and is firmly placed as one of the most appealing materials from which to craft the perfect door.

Product Details

We have a wide range of timber doors from multiple suppliers everything from a painted Georgian door right through to varnished contemporary hardwood door. If you are looking for a door that feels warm to the touch and has a solid look and feel, a timber door could be perfect for you. Timber is a natural and sustainable material with great natural insulating properties making it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a truly energy efficient door.  Additionally they also boast a low carbon footprint and are the most sustainable material from which to construct a door, both excellent features for those that pay particular attention to the eco properties of their home.

Timber is a very versatile material and can be used to create 1000's of different door layouts and can take many different finishes including natural, stain, paint giving us the ability to create almost any type of door out of timber, if we don't have a door in our current range we can also have doors custom made to your specific design.

Modern technology combined with the natural durability and strength of timber creates a highly secure and long lasting entrance door, a great investment for the future and curb appeal of your home.