Timber Entrance Door Finishes

Although our timber doors and windows are manufactured using traditional methods, modern paint and finishes have come along way helping to ensure that your new door will be extremely hard wearing. We have a 4 stage Teknos finishing process as well as a the option to choose from Farow & Ball top coats.


Our timber doors are coated with a 4 stage paint process from Teknos involving a wood preservative, primer, intermediate coat and topcoat. Tecknos coatings are formulated to keep your products looking attractive year after year, resisting the elements, maintaining appearance and value.

Each layer in the Teknos Aqua system has been carefully formulated both for its specific purpose and to work in synergy with the other products in the system to achieve maximum performance, including:

  • Vacuum impregnation, wood preservative and combi primers product to preserve and prime the wood.
  • Primers to fill the wood's pores and provide an anchor for intermediate or topcoats.
  • Specialist primers and intermediate coats to block and inhibit tannin staining.
  • End grain and construction joint fillers to protect the most vulnerable areas of exposed joinery.
  • Intermediate products to fill the pores of coarser wood species, providing a more uniform surface for top coating.
  • Flexible, micro porous topcoats for an attractive, durable yet flexible surface.


Farrow & Ball

All of our Timber Entrance Doors are made to order and finished by hand. This enables us to apply custom touches to each and every window, if you would like a custom colour such as a Farrow & Ball paint to be applied to your new windows we able to provide this.