Knight Line Sliding Door

Knight Line Sliding Door

Taking a new approach in the manufacture of sliding doors, The Knight Line Sliding door system utilises the glass to create the strength and stability of there sliding door system leading to an almost frame-less system.

With a vertical sight-lines of only 20mm this system features one of the thinnest sight lines currently available within the industry.

Knight Line Sliding Door

Product Details

Knight Line Sliding Door

The aim of the Knight Line sliding door is simple, to create the best possible vision between the indoor and outdoor space. The vision sliding door has an exceptionally thin sight-line which is achieved through taking advantage of modern structural glazing.

Multi point locking has been incorporated into the vertical profiles of the door and concealed within the fabric of the building where possible. This has helped to achieve a seamless look whilst still creating an extremely secure door.

Available in a wide range of RAL colours the Vision sliding door can be customised to suit your own style and taste. The door is also available in a wide range of configurations giving endless possibilities.


  • Doors able to slide either ways – no need to decide what side to open from
  • Opening corners available
  • Sliding into pockets available
  • 20mm sight lines
  • Multi point locking
  • Up to 4 tracks
  • Automated option
  • Slot drainage available
  • Maximum panel weight of 500kg
  • 28-32mm double glzing thickness.

Due to the design of the door performance is calculated on an individual basis however an average unit would have the following values:

U Value: 1.3W/m2k (using 1.1W/m2k glass unit.)
U Value: 1.1W/m2k (using 0.7W/m2k glass unit.)

Completed Projects

Tarvin Project

As part of a refurbishment to their existing loft room, we supplied and installed one of our Knight Line sliding doors to make the most of the view and maximise on light.

Wirral Project

After searching for a sliding door with a central mullion with a maximum thickness of 24mm, our clients came to our showroom and decided on a Knight Line sliding door.