INFINITY Timber Alternative Windows.

Infinity is the most stylish, advanced and high-performing timber-alternative window and door range currently available in the UK market.

Faithfully replicating traditional timber with all the benefits of state-of-the art uPVC, Infinity offers A+ rated energy efficiency, British Standard PAS24-accredited security, and one of the highest weather ratings achievable – while cutting-edge uPVC manufacturing technology gives it the smoothest corner welds on the market.

What’s more, Infinity offers unparalleled choice. Infinity frames are available in 26 colours, three sash types, and an extensive range of handles, accessories and glazing on the Infinity door range. Whatever the style and character of your home, we can make an Infinity product to suit.

A range of windows to suit any home

Easy to maintain, energy efficient and boasting an innovative smooth corner weld design that lets you make a distinct style statement, the Infinity Window and Door Collection is the revolutionary new choice for all homeowners that wish to install uPVC windows and doors.
The Infinity Window and Door Collection is manufactured using high quality Infinity profiles for the highest level of both energy efficiency and strength. Infinity doesn’t just offer great technical features though; even the corner joints look like those on timber windows,  creating a smooth joint rather than the ugly corner welds typically featured on uPVC window frames.




Flush casement windows are characterised by openers that close into the frame and finish flush with the face of the window to replicate timber style windows.


Sculptured Sash windows feature outward opening sashes, which stand proud of the face of the window frame and are the more typical style found in houses today.


Similar to the Sculptured Sash window, the Chamfered features outward opening sashes, which stand proud of the face of the window frame and looks sharp yet subtle.


There’s no compromise when it comes to security. The bespoke locking keep has a useful night vent locking position, ensuring it meets the enhanced security accreditation, PAS24, a British Standard met by all our Infinity products. Our wide range of modern, contemporary and period style windows incorporate the latest built-in safety features, including internal glazing beads and multi point locking systems. To provide enhanced resistance to forced entry our windows can be fitted with a hinge protector device between the frame and the sash opener. Anti-bump, anti-snap key locking cylinders can be installed on all our Infinity doors to further enhance their security.


To keep out the wind and rain we use our patented high performance, multifunctional weatherseals. The airtight seal this creates helps to maintain your comfort inside your home. The Flush Sash dual seal is exceptionally watertight, with the added benefit of concealing any hardware. Any water that has found its way inside is quickly evacuated due to the intelligently designed integral drainage gutter.


Our Infinity Flush, Sculptured and Chamfered Sash windows look great in any surrounding, from country cottages to modern townhouses. Their subtle charm and elegance will transform your home. If you live in a Conservation Area, home improvements such as replacing your windows and doors will require planning consent as there are strict guidelines to ensure that architectural features are preserved. We have designed the Infinity Window and Door Collection with this in mind; replicating the appearance and style of traditional timber windows with features such as our authentic Wood Grain Finish, Monkey Tail Handles and Georgian Bar options. However, you should always obtain consent from a planning/conservation officer before proceeding with an installation.