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Opening Functions

 The Patus window and door range is available in a range of different opening types as shown below.


Fixed Light Rationel Fixed Light window drawing
  • Min. width: 228mm
  • Min. height: 258mm
  • Max. width: 2388mm
  • Max. height: 2388mm



Top Guided Rationel Top Guided window drawing
  • Min. width: 328mm
  • Min. height: 328mm
  • Max. width: 1368mm
  • Max. height: 1388mm


Side Hung Rationel Side Hung window drawing
  • Min. width: 358mm
  • Min. height: 358mm
  • Max. width: 768mm
  • Max. height: 1788mm


Side Guided Rationel Side Guided window drawing
  • Min. width: 428mm
  • Min. height: 358mm
  • Max. width: 948mm
  • Max. height: 1788mm


Entrance Door Rationel Entrance Door drawing
  • Min. width: 648mm
  • Min. height: 1708mm
  • Max. width: 1068mm
  • Max. height: 2388mm


Patio Doors Rationel Patio Doors drawing
  • Min. width: 648mm
  • Min. height: 1708mm
  • Max. width: 2188mm
  • Max. height: 2388mm