Boavista fibreglass windows


Are you looking for the ultimate 21st century window? Our new range of Fibreglass window has got to be just that. With a modern sleek look similar to aluminium without some of the drawbacks. The windows are manufactured from fibreglass profile created through a process called protrusion. This process creates an extremely strong profile much stronger than aluminium however it also has much better thermal properties than aluminium.

The fibreglass profile is extremely corrosion resistant which combined with its supreme strength it is perfect for costal areas. The fibreglass window frame can also be sanded down and painted which is a great feature when styles and taste changes in the future.

The Bovista windows are manufactured from slim profiles which can be finished in a wide range of RAL colours. Combined with a range of different glazing options, the Boavista windows are some of the moist energy efficient on the market.




BWSL 45 sliding frame

Pultrusion Process


BOAVISTA windows serve their practical purpose to the highest standards while expressing the vision of sustainability and having both visual and tactile appeal. You can take great comfort that their thermal and acoustic performance mean you have chosen an environmentally responsible product.

Available in any RAL colour so you can choose the colour that best suits your project’s design, and whether you prefer a matte or textured finish. A diverse range of handles and accessories make your designs unique.



BWSL 45 Sliding

- Based on a modular system that allows multiple configurations;

- Sashes up to 250 Kg (ex: 2,2 x 2,85 m);

- Low frame compatible to flush installations;

- Versatile lock upgradable to multi-point locking;

BWS 35 Sash

- Window with excellent ITT results, among the best of its class;

- Fixed upper sash and operable lower sash;

- Twin spring system makes it easy to use;

- Operable sash can be tilted for exterior cleaning;


BWTT 60 - tilt & turn

- Most versatile window system with multiple configurations and operating modes;

- Compatible with other BOAVISTA series;

- Standard hidden hinge system: perfect aesthetic and optimum functionality;

BWO 60 - Outward Opening Window

-With slim frame, for a minimal look;

-Outward side hung opening or top hung projecting window.