Walk on flat roof lights - installed in Cheshire


Are you planning to turn your new flat roof into a roof terrace? It is still possible to flood your space with light through one of our walk-on flat roof lights. Our walk-on flat roof lights add wow factor both internally and externally. Internally the seamless link between your indoor space and the sky above adds interest to the room which changes throughout the day with the changes in light. From above the walk on glass is a magical touch and must be experienced to be believed, a talking point that is loved by adults and children alike.

Our walk-on flat roof lights can also be installed internally between floors to create a visual connection between rooms. They are popular with modern designer homes particularly above basements and multi-level living spaces.

The top layer of glass is calculated to ensure that it can withstand regular foot traffic and ensure it meets with current building standards. A range of anti-slip and decorative finishes are available to enhance the look and functionality of your walk-on roof light.

Externally the glass is housed within the polyester powder-coated frame which can be supplied in a range of standard and bespoke colours. The frame is specifically designed to transfer the load from the glass to the roof structure in the most efficient way.


Internal view of our walk on roof light.


Maximum width  1200mm

Maximum length 3000mm


33mm toughened laminated outer pane / 16mm argon cavity / 6mm low-e toughened inner.