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Crittall Steel Doors

Do you own a period property that was originally fitted with steel windows and doors? If this is the case they are more than likely original Crittall steel doors. If you are looking for replacements windows for your art deco property, historic stone building or are just looking for something a little different we can help you decide on the best solution when choosing steel windows.

Although very similar in the design and manufacturing to the original Crittall doors, modern Crittall doors have certain enhancements over the originals. All Crittall steel frames are now hot dip galvanised before painting for enhanced durability, krypton filled double glazing can be supplied for added energy efficiency and enhanced locking mechanisms for improved security.

Here are John Knight Glass we have several Crittall products on display to demonstrate these stunning doors and we have the experience working with the product to help you when its comes to decision time and installation.



Crittall Door Chester

Looking to replace an exisitng draughty all glass door our clients wanted a new door that would be be both more secure and more energy efficiency whilst still ensuring maximum light flow and a stunning aesthetic.