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To ensure your home or building remains protected from the elements, The Centor C1 Bifold comes equipped with interlocking panels, double and triple inter-panel sealing, and slotted hinges.

Thorough independent testing of up to 300pa water, 1200pa constant wind pressure and 1800pa gusting wind pressures, gave the C1 an overall exposure category of 1200.

The Centor C1 Bifold meets BS 6375 - 1:2009. Which provides advice on the selection of performance characteristics for windows and doorsets intended for the UK market.


  Classification Test pressure Standard
Exposure category and classification 1200 1200 Pa -
Test for air permeability CLASS 2 300 Pa EN 1026
Test for water tightness CLASS 7A 300 Pa EN 1027
Test for resistance to wind CLASS A3 1200/1800 Pa EN 12211