Centor Compliance - Security

Centor is committed to quality and therefore chooses to use high-performance locking devices for continued reliability. Multi-point locks are used to secure access panels in three locations for additional security and has been tested to EN 1435-1 2006.

Centor’s Twinpoint lock secures individual panels at both the head and sill with an extra-long 25mm bolt throw. Tested to over 100,000 cycles, the Twinpoint lock features an anti-throw back lock body so doors cannot be pried open. Available as keyed or non-keyed, the Twinpoint lock secures panels with a single hand action.


Centor Door Lock mechanism Centor door lock barrel
  Description Standard
  Multiple access lock

Made in Germany

EN 14351-1 2006

  High security 6 pin
double cylinder

BS EN 1303:2005
KM 531333
Enhanced security

MLA Affiliate member

Made in Germany

Secured by Design