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Centor Nylon Wheels

The hardware on the Centor C1 Bi-fold doors is arguably the best on the market. Every component has been individually designed and thought through. This can be seen nowhere more than the wheels of the Centor C1 Bi-fold door.

Each wheel has been sculpted by an engineer to create a chamfered profile; this gives the door an unrivalled moving action which can be operated by a mere fingertip touch. So why are these Bi-fold wheels better than all the others on the market?

Each wheel has been meticulously engineered to create a chamfered, angled profile to improve its functionality, by creating an effortless role unrivalled by any other Bi-fold hardware system on the market. The chamfered wheel improves function as it pushes small pieces of grit and dirt out of the milled groves at the bottom of the track in essence buffing the track meaning the more the door is used the better the role will become. This buffing of the track also gives the door longevity as it stops the wheels getting clogged up with grit and dirt, which extends the life span of the hardware.

Each Centor C1 Bi-fold wheel also has track sweepers, which are a very unique aspect of the door. They act as a snow-plow which pushes the larger pieces of grit and dirt that fall into the Bi-fold track out of the way of the all-important wheels stopping them from getting damaged and clogged up with dirt that would ruin their effortless movement and rolling ability, again adding to the longevity and the life span of the doors.

All our customers comment on the incredible swishing noise the Centor C1 Bi-fold door creates, and we like to believe you can quiet literally hear the quality of the door as it moves. This is due to the nylon wheels that the Centor C1 Bi-fold door boasts. Unlike most of the other wheels on the market that use Steel wheels Centor C1 Bi-fold have chosen to use a nylon based wheel as it moves a lot softer against the mettle meaning the track doesn't wear down over time and is a lot quieter; again this means the Bi-fold door moves easier and will have a lengthened life span.