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Cycle Testing

Thorough cycle testing of the Centor C1 ensures the doors will continue to operate well beyond their 10-year warranty.

Tested up to 25,000 cycles, the Centor C1 floor rolling hardware uses strong, corrosion-resistant materials to guarantee fingertip light operation for many years to come.

A range of thoughtful design features in the Centor C1 hardware work together to protect the sill from debris and dust. Premium quality angled rollers and tracks, articulated wheels, track sweepers and sill covers, ensure the Centor C1 sill is kept clear of debris and continues to operate smoothly for many years.

Centor C1 System

  Cycles Result
  10,000 PASS
15,000 PASS
25,000 PASS

To reproduce the usage of the Centor C1 Bifold over its lifetime a robotic machine simulated the opening and closing a a door 10,000, 15,000 and 25,000 times. The performance level of the Centor Bifold was checked at each interval to ensure that all parts and components operated as expected. Achieving a "PASS" was awarded at all three stages of this cycle test providing a reassurance of the performance of a Centor C1 Bifold door system for years to come following installation.