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Centor Concealed Track

Centor C1 Bi-fold doors have a unique concealed track system where by the Bi-folds wheels role internally enclosed by the track. This gives the Bi-fold a twofold benefit both in aesthetics, and functionality.

The aesthetical benefit of this unique feature is huge. Most Bi-fold doors have wheels that role on top of it track, and this can arguably give a large, chunky, commercial look. However the Centor C1 Bi-fold door is arguably the most residential, ‘home friendly’ door. Perfect for giving you the homely feel you are looking for in a door. On top of this the internally covered wheels make this Bi-fold door perfect for you young and growing families with younger children, as the wheels are not exposed and do not role on top of the track it means that children are a lot less likely to catch their fingers in the wheels.

The functionality benefits of the concealed track are created by the protective nature of its profile. By hiding the wheels internally the tracks profile is protecting them from the elements and further protecting them from grit and dirt which prevents the wheels from breaking down and loosing there movement.

Another bespoke feature of the concealed track is the integral drainage system. Each track is individually milled, this gives you the option of fully washing threw the track so that the grit and dirt that would be normally present in a Bi-fold door track can be cleaned out again giving the doors more longevity and avoiding break down.

The final very bespoke feature of a Centor C1 Bi-fold door track is that the track itself is thermally broken. A thermal break is a plastic strip that acts as an alternative medium to stop the transfer of heat from one side of the track to the other this has a twofold benefit: firstly this stops heat transfer making the door more thermally efficient and it completely eradicates the threat of condensation forming on the sill.